Calculate your module average or degree classification.

How does it work?

This tools helps you quickly work out your average grade across modules and for your degree overall.

Knowing this can help you achieve a better degree by being aware of what grades you need to get in an assesment, or even simply put your mind at rest that you're on track.


Module A has of four marked assessments, one worth 70% and three worth 10% each.

Knowing the grades of the 70% assessment, and one 10% assessment it is possible to calculate your average grade so far over 80% of this module by inputting your results as follows.

Mark PercentageName
6570%Long essay
7210%Literature review
Average mark over 80% = 65.9


Have a guess at what you'll get in the remaining two assessments worth 20%? See the impact by entering those grades too.